Batman: Return to Arkham confirmed for October

Batman: Return to Arkham will release in North America on October 18th and in the UK on October 21st, Warner Bros has confirmed.

The news comes from a new side-by-side comparison trailer that compares yet again the PS3 Arkham games to the newly remastered PS4 versions. You can watch the trailer below:

Return to Arkham was initially  expected to launch in July but was delayed to give developer Virtuous “additional time to deliver a polished Batman Arkham game experience.” While it was never confirmed, the delay also could have been a response to the huge criticism the debut trailer received from fans who were claiming that the original version’s of the games actually looked better than the remastered versions.

The collection includes remastered versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham Citybut does not include Batman: Arkham OriginsThe Collection is due to release on PS4 and Xbox One.

My Opinion:

I would ponder dabbling in the collection if Warner included Origins, but since it didn’t, and since I don’t care greatly for the series, I think I will be passing on this remastered collection. 

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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