“No Man’s Sky Killer” Astroneer announced for Xbox One

Procedural space exploration game Astroneer is coming to Xbox One, System Era Softworks has announced.

The game will launch this December for Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

Here’s an official elevator pitch of the game from its official website, as well as a new trailer:

“The sudden development of technology for rapid space travel enables fast and inexpensive journeys to the stars. Exo Dynamics, the dominant conglomerate in the new field, has opened flights to daring citizens of Earth. Like the Yukon gold rush of old, waves of adventurers sign up to launch themselves into a new frontier, risking everything to seek their fortune in the far reaches of the galaxy. These are the Astroneers.

As an Astroneer, you must find a way to dig out a life on one of a multitude of harsh new worlds. Blast through the terrain to uncover precious artifacts and materials you can use to fuel your quest to become a wealthy baron in the stars. Along the way, discover oddities, raise questions, and uncover mysteries. Perhaps not all is as it seems.”

Unlike another recent procedural space exploration title……Astroneer will support online co-op for up to four players.

Important to remember: When it releases in December it will still be in an early stage of development, Aka not complete.

My Opinion:

I remember seeing this game for PC a few months ago and thought it looked awesome. Let’s just hope it has a good PR team.

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

17 thoughts on ““No Man’s Sky Killer” Astroneer announced for Xbox One”

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  2. “When it releases in December it will still be in an early stage of development, Aka not complete.”

    So they’re selling us a game in an unfinished state? Well, I suppose at least they’re honest about it. 🙂


  3. “No Man’s Sky Killer” = even though they are two completly different games in every single way but just both set in Outer Space.
    Reminder to all “journalists”, just because they are set in the same space or time frame does mean they can even be comparable to one another.


    1. I mean I wouldn’t say they is nearly as drastic of a difference as you are saying. Mass effect and no man’s sky — all those share is a space setting. This game shares far more than just the setting. They are both space exploration games that emphasis crafting and discovery.


  4. Nms looks a lot better. Art style and options. All I see in this trailer is the ability to teraform w friends on a very cartoonish looking planet. Ppl mouthed the graphics of NMS but are liking this? What can u do outside of build crappy looking atv’s and teraform lifeless planets?


    1. What can you do in nms besides walk around like an idiot gathering resources to go to the next planet to walk around like an idiot gathering resources?


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