5 Best Gaming Accessories All Budget Gamers Need

Telling you that gaming is expensive is like saying water is wet. Gaming has been breaking the bank since the 1970’s and is showing no sign of slowing down. This list is for us common folk who want the best products for our hard earned cash! To make sure you’re getting a reliable source I picked products (or similar products) that I have or have had and loved!
All products are available on amazon and have links.

Counsel Skins $6.50 – $20.00

Kicking off the list are console skin. These skins come in small packs with preciously cut stickers that fit the exact specs for the Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. You can add these covers to brighten up your plain, boring colored console and transform it into a bright beautiful piece of art! Worried you won’t find one you like? Worry not, Amazon has more unique and just plain awesome skins than you can shake a stick at. Yes I know, the word stickers and console should never go together, but for these? I will happily vouch for the quality and sleek look these skins will give your precious console.

Here’s a short video for some visual aid.

Xbox one skin link

PS4 skin link

Top of the line Banana Holder? $9.00 – $16.99

Yes I know, it sounds stupid but hear me out. This little gaming hack has been floating around the gaming community for years. A banana holder works perfectly for holding headsets! The hook is high enough to keep your headphones off the ground and in prime condition. The sleek chrome holder will make your gaming setup look and feel professional, and before you worry, no you’re not required to eat any bananas. Not so stupid now uh?

Banana holder link

AfterGlow Gaming Headset

Now that you have your headset holder, you need a headset to hold! Look no further than the AfterGlow level 1 and AfterGlow Level 3 headsets. These two headsets have pure and crisp sound along with a quality build. The plastic feels solid and the pads fit perfectly around your ears for maximum noise cancellation. They are made with high quality materials so the plastic doesn’t scratch easy, and the pads don’t wear down. I personally have the level 3 pair and I couldn’t be more happy. I use them daily. The 3.5m port fits perfectly into my Xbox 1 controller, PC and phone. For PlayStation players there is also the same exact headphones but designed for the PS4. AfterGlows can be ordered off Amazon or bought at almost any Walmart, Best Buy, or GameStop.

AfterGlow lvl 1 Xbox  $11.00 – $17.00

AfterGlow lvl 1 PS4   $12.50

AfterGlow lvl 3 Xbox  $29.00

AfterGlow lvl 3 PS4   $28.75

Analog stick covers $6.00 – $20.00

Analog stick covers have been a must-have for gamers for years. These covers are small and usually made with plastic covered in rubber. They extend your analog stick to allow you to make smaller and more precise movements within your game. They are easy to adjust to and can often times give you a small edge. Many brands such as Kontrol Freeks make high quality covers that clip onto your analog stick firmly. You can usually snag a pair for just under $15. There are sizes, shapes and colors that fit both XB1 and PS4 and are sure to fit your comfort level and budget.

Xbox Kontrol freeks

PS4 Kontrol freeks

Ace Bayou Gaming Rocker $27.99

Now that you have your slick looking console, a sweet headset on a neat headset holder, and analog covers, you can sit down and lose yourself in the world of video games. However you need a place to sit down that won’t hurt your butt or your wallet! I present the Ace Bayou Gaming Rocker! On Amazon it is the number one bestseller in “Video Game Chairs”. Now is it the absolute best gaming chair? Of course not, gaming chairs can run from $100 – $500. Even as high as almost 6 thousand dollars! However, this bad boy has plenty of cushion and is an absolute steal at $27.99.
Ace Bayou

Jeremy LeLaCheur is an Associate Writer at MONG and excels at loving his mom and at video games with a dash of sarcasm and charisma.

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