Hitman Episode 6 Review

Paging Doctor 47

Agent 47’s last excursion of 2016 is one of the best episodes.

Hitman’s final location is by far the most unique and best looking episode aesthetically. The setting is a futuristic private Japanese resort/hospital located on a mountain top. The Japanese decor contrasts well with the chrome futuristic look of the facility, with the snow adding another layer of beauty. Of course I am not there to take in the sights, I am there to murder the heck out of some people.

After the change in formula from Episode 5, 6 goes back to the two target formula. However, there is an interesting twist to one of them: The target is being operated on, therefore he is constantly in one spot. This adds a little bit of challenge, as he is constantly being watched by staff. Figuring out a way to eliminate him was great at first, but the problem is that most of the possibilities are located in one area. The second target is pretty standard for the series, as she roams around various parts of the facility, with plenty of elimination possibilities spread around.

So why do I think the episode is one of the best? Because some of the possible assassinations are incredibly fun to pull off. This episode, more than any other, nails the dark humor that the Hitman franchise can bring. A lot of the opportunities take advantage of the setting and offer more than generic stuff like drowning or a simple head shot.

On top of that the level of security is high and the level offers a twist: 47 cannot bring any equipment with him. One item can be smuggled into the level, but that is it. So navigating the level to get to the target requires much more thought and planning. The facility is labyrinthine and cramped, so there is not much room to get away with knocking an unsuspecting person out and procure their outfit. Map memorization and resourcefulness is required this time around.

As this is the first season finale of Hitman, I was expecting some sort of huge cliffhanger or a poorly rushed resolution. While I will not go into details, this episode did neither. The final (and only one for this episode) cutscene teased an interesting direction for the story. I am much more interested in where this will go than I was at the beginning, but I am still skeptical of how much story can be implemented without impacting replayability.

I did not touch the PlayStation 4 exclusive Sarajevo Six mission for Episode 5, as once again, it was nothing special. But the conclusion to the series of missions in this episode played with the formula of Hitman missions. I liked it enough to say it was worth the build up, and it is a huge shame that it is only available for PS4.

The Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

Hitman capped out its first season with a fantastic episode. It offers a Hitman experience that feels specifically tailored to the new map. With a few minor exceptions, it offers that experience without detracting from the replayability of the main mission. I am very pleased with the conclusion, and cannot wait to see what comes next.

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Riley Berry is an Associate Writer for MONG who is the loudest silent assassin ever. You can follow him on Twitter.


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