Rime Reemerges With New Gameplay Trailer

There are few game trailers that capture the imagination and hope of gamers. The 2013 debut trailer for Rime was one such game for many, and now in 2017 it is ready for release.

After a long time out of the press spotlight, Rime has reemerged with new footage as part of the IGN First series. Developer Tequila Works has unveiled a new gameplayer trailer for Rime, showing more aspects of the title. Beginning with a young boy shipwrecked and washed up on an unfamiliar shore, the trailer showcases colorful environments which were partly inspired by the Mediterranean Coast.

The art style and single-player puzzle elements of Rime have drawn comparisons to games like Wind Waker, Ico, and The Last Guardian. The sense of scale and excotic creatures are another shared attribute glimpsed from the new footage. Also revealed was that Rime is no longer a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is now multiplatform, scheduled for a May 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

More information is forthcoming leading up to release, but for now check out the trailer below.



My Opinion:

It is good to see Rime reappear, as I remember the initial trailer and being very curious about the game. There were some rumors Rime was having development difficulties, but I hope the game will deliver upon release and now more people will be able to experience the finished product, good or bad.

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2 thoughts on “Rime Reemerges With New Gameplay Trailer”

    1. ^^I’m not sure, maybe Sony felt they didn’t want to fund it as an exclusive title anymore. Remember Me was sort of similar, where it was originally supposed to be a PS3 exclusive before going multi-platform.


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