Anthem Gameplay Footage Unveiled

First teased during EA Play 2017, Electronic Arts has unveiled the first gameplay footage of its new IP, Anthem.

Microsoft closed out its E3 Press Conference with the first look Anthem gameplay footage from the Bioware team behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The footage showed off the sci-fi setting of Anthem, as humans don exo-suits known as “javelins” to explore a lush futuristic world filled with dangerous threats.

Anthem allows four players to team up on missions together, exploring the outside world in customizable exo-suits that vary in weapons and abilities. Anthem will support Xbox One X enhancements like 4K resolution and HDR lighting, but will be available for not only the Xbox One but PlayStation 4 and PC when it releases fall 2018. Check out the footage below.



My Opinion:

Anthem was easily one of the standout titles shown during Microsoft’s press conference. Flying through the air in the exo-suits looked really cool and I liked the futuristic jungle environment shown. The concept of humanity hiding behind a wall, with specialized individuals veering outside it to fight dangerous creatures, brought to mind Attack on Titan. I look forward to learning more about this game in the future.

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