Visage Offers Unsettling Horrors in Latest Gameplay Trailer

Old,creepy houses make great settings for horror stories in any medium. Such is the setting for Visage, a psychological horror game from SadSquare Studio.

The tragic history and fear of terrors awaiting around each corner make for delicious horror ingredients. Throw in raindrops falling outside and lights flickering inside and the fear level escalates. Those are just a few elements glimpsed in the official gameplay trailer – here’s a description of the game from the developers.

Visage is a surreal psychological horror game taking place in an old, gigantic house where unfathomable horror hides behind the banalities of a normal, but ever-changing house. You play Dwayne, a mysterious man haunted by malign entities of the past. As you venture in the surreal world, you learn of the stories that ties you to this horrific place. Your goal is to uncover the truth behind it all. Will you have the courage to dig deeper, or will you coward into oblivion?

Visage is scheduled to arrive this year for PC, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the trailer below.



My Opinion:

Visage looks suitably creepy. The wall crumbling in on itself was the most disturbing moment of the trailer for me. Plus I like the fact the protagonist is named Dwayne.

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