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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Season Pass and DLC Details

If you’ve been excited about Dragon Ball Xenoverse and all the crazy new content it’s going to contain, you might have reason to be even more excited now. Though the faces will be old, the season pass will be bringing new characters and more. Continue reading Dragon Ball Xenoverse Season Pass and DLC Details

Tales of Hearts R Review


Even though the Tales series’ fanbase has grown exponentially over the last few years, it felt like a longshot that its western fans would ever get to experience one of its Vita entries. When it was finally announced earlier this year that we would in fact get an English version of Tales of Hearts R, fans everywhere thanked Hideo Baba (producer of the Tales games) and Bandai Namco for taking a chance.  I am one of those fans.  We all understand that releasing a Japanese Vita game in an English market hasn’t seen the greatest success, and yet they still chose to do it… for us.  However, even though they chose to release it here – it doesn’t actually mean that it would turn out to be any good.   Continue reading Tales of Hearts R Review