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Overwatch Review

Blizzard’s First shooter: One of the Generation’s Best

Imagine if Team Fortress 2 had a baby with a more awesome version of Team Fortress 2, and that baby was raised by Blizzard — that is Overwatch. Not a MOBA, not Battleborn, Overwatch is a multiplayer,first-person hero-shooter that emphasizes cooperative gameplay over the solo-Rambo route. Combining smooth, addictive gameplay, a cast full of interesting and distinct characters, and a refreshing presentation — Blizzard has emerged with yet another cash cow on its hands. Despite not usually being a fan of multiplayer games  — Overwatch, is the most fun I’ve had with a game in years.  Continue reading Overwatch Review

Gearbox Brings Us More Battleborn Info At PAX Prime

If you’ve been looking out for more info on Gearbox’s next game, Battleborn, then look no further! At a recent PAX Prime panel Gearbox (rather excitedly) spilled some more information about their upcoming title, mainly about the characters and gameplay. Continue reading Gearbox Brings Us More Battleborn Info At PAX Prime