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Just Cause 3 is Just Good Enough

It’s Just “Okay”

With the success of Just Cause 2, it was safe to say that developer Avalanche Studios would no doubt deliver a stellar performance when releasing the next game in the series, Just Cause 3. The open world sandbox shooter is filled with destruction and chaos, with some of the most brilliant explosions I’ve seen in a game. Unfortunately big bangs and shiny graphics are not the only things a game needs to be great, and while Just Cause 3 is fun, it does have its fair share of problems.

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New Just Cause 3 Screenshots

New screenshots have arrived of Avalanche Studios’ new game, Just Cause 3. The pictures show off some of the crazy action the series is known for. More explosions, gliding, and even drive-bys are featured in the new screenshots. Continue reading New Just Cause 3 Screenshots

Square Enix Humble Bundle.

Square Enix Humble Bundle Is Now Live Featuring Deus Ex And Hitman.

Square Enix has partnered with Humble Bundle to provide you with some great bundles. A portion of the proceeds from this Humble Bundle will going to Continue reading Square Enix Humble Bundle.