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MediEvil Resurrected For PS4 In 2018

Sony found great success with bringing back a beloved character from its early days with Crash Bandicoot in 2017. The company is set to do the same with Sir Daniel Fortesque in 2018 with the return of MediEvil. Continue reading MediEvil Resurrected For PS4 In 2018

Soulcaliber VI Revealed – Arriving 2018

It has been five years since the last main entry in the series, but Bandai Namco has announced the return of its beloved weapons-based fighter. Continue reading Soulcaliber VI Revealed – Arriving 2018

Kid Buu Takes The Spotlight in Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Trailer

As 2017 winds down to a close, it’s already time to look forward to what gaming will bring in 2018. One of the most anticipated games of the upcoming year releases right at the start, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Continue reading Kid Buu Takes The Spotlight in Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review



Assassin’s Creed Origins is less of a continuation but more of evolution for the decade-long franchise. As a long time fan since 2010 with Assassin’s Creed 2, I can admit that the gameplay of the franchise hasn’t been that great. Each entry since the original Assassin’s Creed has only added a little as the years went by. With the year-long break the Assassin’s Creed franchise took, I can honestly say Assassin’s Creed Origins adds a lot to the franchise; so much it makes it feel like I’m playing a different game.

Continue reading Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

Vaccine Review



One needs only to glance at my history as a writer to see that Resident Evil is my favorite video game series. Specifically the first three titles, which both established and subsequently improved upon the survival horror genre on Sony’s PlayStation. While that type of game, with tank controls and static camera angles, are viewed today as relics of the past, Rainy Night CreationsVaccine may be a vital shot in the arm for this dormant genre. Continue reading Vaccine Review

Thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta

In my first post for Middle of Nowhere Gaming, I talked about the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta and the sign up for it. At the opinion part of the post I had hoped I would get my hands on a PS4 beta code by the time the beta rolled out; even signed up for three different emails to increase my chances. It seemed lady luck shined her light on me because I got a beta code much to my surprise. When I say surprisingly I mean it because friends I know who are the biggest fans of fighting games did not get one, I was the only one they knew who actually got one.

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