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Remapping Console Control Configurations

Five years ago, I picked up a copy of Mirror’s Edge on Xbox 360 at Staples. Yeah, they sell games, and I was just as surprised as you were. Specifically, they sell budget games that are thrown unceremoniously on a rack along with other pieces of software that are no longer relevant. Titles like Conan, The Outfit, and TimeShift are what are commonly found on their shelves, as well as Mirror’s Edge. I had heard so many good things about the game so I bought a copy, went home, and began to play it. I stopped playing after, say, two or three levels in and never tried it again. The reason for this were the controls. The most used buttons on the controller were the LB and LT buttons, two buttons that don’t feel good constantly being pressed. I was baffled as to why the buttons were mapped the way they were and it ruined the game for me. Continue reading Remapping Console Control Configurations