Game of the Month Winner – August 2014

Sorry we are a little late on announcing this one, but the Middle Of Nowhere Gaming Game of the Month for August 2014 is……

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition


August was a month full of great games, and it showed during our Game of the Month voting.  Each of the top four candidates were only separated by a vote or two.  However, in the end, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition came away as the winner!  Does that come as a surprise to anyone?  I mean come on, it reviewed VERY well from just about everyone!  While I haven’t personally played it yet, I know that many members of MONG have lost countless hours toiling away in the dungeons of Diablo.  In fact, Lou has been seen consistently playing it on PSN every weekend for the past two months!  Move on Lou!

Be sure and pick up a copy if you haven’t already!

Previous Game of the Month Winners

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and IGN

7 thoughts on “Game of the Month Winner – August 2014”

  1. Even though I haven’t played the Ultimate Evil Edition, as a value proposition I couldn’t agree more. I can’t think of another recent release that offers players more content. I am disappointed that last-gen players won’t receive the same patch support.


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