Rise of the Tomb Raider Gets A Launch Trailer

Just less than a week before its release, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics has released a PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The Trailer shows off some of the story and all the content the game will include. New weapons, Blood Ties, Lara’s Nightmare, VR support for a year for PlayStation VR, Extreme Survivor Difficulty and Retro Skins. It will also include all the DLC that was in the season pass. Xbox One and PC owners will also have access to these new extras free if they own the season pass when the game is released.

Rise of the the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary will arrive for PlayStation 4 on October 11th. The extra content for Xbox One and PC will also arrive on October 11th.

My Opinion:

I was hoping to get this game when it came out, so I guess I have to wait a little longer. I’ve been waiting to play this since it was first announced for the Xbox One. I grew up playing Tomb Raider games and I hope it lives up to being the best the series has to offer.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer of MONG and really needs to play a new game.

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