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Nintendo Power Hour Episode 6 – Breaking Cultures

The latest episode of Nintendo Power Hour is here! The first chapter of the Book Club comes to a close this week. Continue reading Nintendo Power Hour Episode 6 – Breaking Cultures


Rumor: Final Fantasy XII Remaster?

Though there is no official confirmation yet, comments made at a recent Distant Worlds event seem to indicate that a remaster of 2006’s Final Fantasy XII is in the works. Continue reading Rumor: Final Fantasy XII Remaster?

Yomi Review (PC)


Are you interested in fighting games, but don’t have the time or dexterity to compete at the highest levels? Or do you simply want to dive deep into the genre’s characteristic strategy and mind games without worrying about executing perfect combos and special moves? If so, you might be interested in a card game called Yomi, from Sirlin Games. Designed by a competitive Street Fighter veteran, the game simulates a one-on-one martial arts duel between two colorful characters. Now, Steam users have the opportunity to join the fight — but is it worth the price of admission? Continue reading Yomi Review (PC)

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review (Vita)


Last year saw the release of Deception IV: Blood Ties, a somewhat puzzly action RPG with an unusual premise: instead of attacking your enemies, you lay traps for them to walk into. Much like another Koei Tecmo title, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, the game has been rereleased with some new content in order to get it on the PS4, with Vita and PS3 getting digital releases. This new version, Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, features an extensive new campaign with a new main character, but is it worth buying the game again? Continue reading Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review (Vita)

You Must Build a Boat Review


You Must Build a Boat is both the title and the objective of the latest effort from EightyEight Games. A follow-up to their previous game, 10000000, this game features a similar combination of frantic match-3 action with RPG-style combat and progression. There’s a lot more to it this time around – everything has been expanded in some way. Do the new features buoy a simple formula to new heights, or do they drag it down beneath the waves? Continue reading You Must Build a Boat Review

Chip’s Challenge 1 & 2 Review


Chip’s Challenge is one of the hidden treasures of the late ‘80s (or early ‘90s, depending on which version you played). It’s a game with a very simple objective – navigate a maze and step on the exit tile – but through clever use of tricky obstacles, it presented a serious, engaging challenge that has remained close to the hearts of many of its original players. And, indeed, the Chip’s Challenge internet community remains vibrant and prolific to this day, working on speedruns of individual puzzles as well as creating and sharing homemade levels. It was for these people that series creator Chuck Sommerville developed Chip’s Challenge 2 a whopping 25 years ago. After its two-year development time, Chuck found out that the trademark to his game had been sold, and the new owner wasn’t interested in publishing the game. Now, after the success of spiritual successor Chuck’s Challenge 3D (and five years of negotiation with the rights holders), the unreleased sequel has finally arrived on Steam, along with an updated version of the original title. These games have a legacy, but have they aged well? Continue reading Chip’s Challenge 1 & 2 Review