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Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

Hello, readers. Nice to see you. Looking great today, but enough about you. You came here to read about my favorite 5 games in the entire gaming industry. Just know that I was asked to choose 5 games from a ton of games that I have played in my 21 years of living, so this was hard to do. Also, I have not played a lot of games that some people are going to put on their lists (like The Last of Us and Mortal Kombat games, for example). This is my list, and I hope this gives you, the reader, some insight into my thought process and why I enjoy games. Continue reading Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

Backlog Spotlight: Origins

As a kid, I loved video games. However, I wasn’t the most adventurous with my game choices. I played the Zelda games and a handful of other games until I knew just about every secret. By the time I got a PS3, I became too busy in school and work to play games as often. Continue reading Backlog Spotlight: Origins