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ABZÛ Review

You’ll never want to resurface.

Call it a diving simulator, a mahi-mahi riding simulation, or whatever you like — it doesn’t change the fact that ABZÛ is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, atmospherically charged, audiovisual triumphs to date on the PlayStation 4. Worthy of standing aside games like Journey and FlowerABZÛ is a rapturous, masterfully crafted, piece of art. Continue reading ABZÛ Review

ABZU Announced

According to the trailer for ABZU that was shown at the Sony E3 Press Conference, “Ab” means water, and “zu” means “to know.” That said, I have very little idea of what exactly is going on in this game which developer Giant Squid Studios is bringing to us. However, I gotta tell ya, that’s not a bad thing. Continue reading ABZU Announced