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Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell

Mike Maulbeck, the developer of a game called Paranautical Activity, had his game removed from Steam after threatening to kill Gabe Newell over Twitter, Kotaku reported. Continue reading Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell

Tappingo 2 Review


Puzzle games are often a hit-or-miss genre. You’ll often find a game that has little appeal or the concept has been done so many times that you just get sick of them. These games are just carbon-copies of other iterations of the same idea, but tweaked just enough so that no one gets sued. Tappingo 2 however, blends creativity with a simple design to offer a great gaming experience.

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Phil Fish is Not a Monster

To say that Phil Fish is a controversial figure in the game industry would be a drastic understatement. From his only game’s announcement to his latest internet meltdown, his infamy has grown by leaps and bounds. Since Fez first popped up on the scene in 2008, it captured the attention of the indie world and set its creator on an epic downward spiral. Who is this man? This monster? This crazy Wolverine-hipster?

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Yacht Club Games Reveals Shovel Knight Sales

Yesterday, Yacht Club Games revealed a very detailed account of their sales numbers for their first game, Shovel Knight. The 2D side scrolling platformer has the look of an original Nintendo game and it is available now for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, and PC. Continue reading Yacht Club Games Reveals Shovel Knight Sales