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Retro Grade: Mega Man 2

A Mighty Reminder

The Mega Man series has long held a reputation for a perfect blend of incredible level design, diverse arsenal of weapons, and challenging platforming and combat. As Capcom let the franchise wither on the vine, creator Keiji Inafune took matters into his own hands with the inarguably terrible Mighty No. 9. After spending a weekend with Mega Man 2, the most fondly remembered of the original NES series of games, I fully comprehend the extent of the injustice that Mighty No. 9 did to the Blue Bomber and am reminded of what true gameplay supremacy looks like.

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Geekend Update 08/26/16

Just because summer is beginning to dwindle down, doesn’t mean the adventures have to!  Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend! Continue reading Geekend Update 08/26/16

Gaming’s Fiction Addiction: Mighty MegaMan

Rock blinks — his optical sensors readjusting to what lies ahead. His blue, dome-shaped helmet is cracked just above his right eye. The fingers of his right hand twitch, tiny servos whirring while gripping the left hand — currently in buster mode, formed into a cannon. Emitting a red light from the cannon’s maw, Rock charges as much energy as possible into the next blast… but as he blinks again, one thought occurs to him:

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MONG Podcast 109 | What Video Game World Would YOU Live In?

There is a lot of big The Division news this week folks! That’s not all there is, but there is a good chunk. From Beta access and how to get into it for free, to the details on the Season Pass, if you’re excited for The Division then you’re gonna be excited to hear what the crew has to say this week. On top of that, some very pioneering modders are bringing multiplayer to Fallout: New Vegas, the University of Southern California is going to start publishing games and last but not least… Mighty No. 9 got delayed… again. Continue reading MONG Podcast 109 | What Video Game World Would YOU Live In?

How February 2016 is Shaping Up to be a Valentine’s Day Gift for Gamers

Traditionally the fall of each year is the time when some of the biggest video games are released.  Already big titles like Super Mario Maker, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Halo 5: Guardians have been released.  Titles like Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be joining them in a matter of weeks.  It makes sense for companies to release them during the time period to capitalize on holiday spending and the increase of indoor activities from the colder weather in many parts of the country.

Yet, due to delayed games and a need to stand out amongst the crowded holiday lineup, the early months of 2016 are already loaded up with quality titles featuring a variety of genres.  February in particular is loaded with a slew of big releases and is why I think the month will be a great Valentine’s gift for gamers.  So here are some of the titles that will have gamers feeling especially loved. Continue reading How February 2016 is Shaping Up to be a Valentine’s Day Gift for Gamers

MONG Podcast 96 | What’s the Most Overrated Game Franchise?

Join the lovely MONG Podcast crew as they sail the seven video game seas and delve into the news of this week. Street Fighter V’s next Beta might be more impressive than any other… ever! Mighty No.9 has received a (new) release date that has a 9 in it! Twitch is finally coming to your PlayStation thingies as an app and the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta isn’t going to be locked behind reservations, that and we know when it’s coming! Will Rainbow Six Siege be worth it without a dedicated story mode? All of that and you get to feel your heart strings be pulled as Myles, Jordan and Adam talk about the games they find to be the most overrated. Be prepared to have your jimmies rustled! Continue reading MONG Podcast 96 | What’s the Most Overrated Game Franchise?