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Unpopular Opinion:  I Didn’t Think Chrono Trigger Was Anything Special

This article contains spoilers.

Recently, Eurogamer broke the news of a five hour tribute album to one of the most beloved games of all time:  1995’s Super Nintendo JRPG Chrono Trigger.  The album involved contributions by over 200 musicians and thirteen visual artists.  Proceeds of the album, entitled Chronicles of Time, will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

While donations to charity are certainly wonderful, I won’t be purchasing this album.  I am not a fan of Chrono Trigger, music included. Continue reading Unpopular Opinion:  I Didn’t Think Chrono Trigger Was Anything Special


We all have that one game that we were beyond excited for, only to find out it was canceled. Perhaps it was never even announced, quietly snuffed out to be discovered later. This can happen for many reasons, from the sudden closure of its development studio, to the firing or resignation of a key member of the title in question. These games were doomed to never see release, but that doesn’t mean the concepts were bad. Today I’m going to talk about one such game, called Maverick Hunter, which never saw the light of day. Continue reading DIGITALLY DOOMED: MAVERICK HUNTER

Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite video games ever. I remember getting my Nintendo 64 a few months after the system was first released and it was my first game. I loved Mario games before that, especially Super Mario World, but Mario 64 blew my mind. The freedom from running around in three dimensions, all the moves Mario could do, the clear blue water. Holy crap, the water looked good! I remember that feeling so well. The joy from a brand new Mario game. Whenever a new Mario game was coming out, it meant something new and innovative was coming. Something that would push the industry into new territory. Whether it was analog control, multiple playable characters with different abilities, or a non-linear world, Mario furthered the industry through design. So it makes me sad that Super Mario 64 was the last time I was truly blown away by a Mario game. Continue reading Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

Satoru Iwata was more than the President of Nintendo Company, more than a programmer, even more than a gamer. Satoru Iwata was a visionary that helped shape the gaming industry that we see today. If it wasn’t for his forethought, creativity, and dedication, many of us might not have the famous video game characters that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Middle of Nowhere Gaming wanted to commemorate Satoru Iwata by sharing some of our fondest Nintendo memories. Below are some of our memories: Continue reading Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

[Satire] Bowser Hijacks Princess Peach’s Castle

Today’s grand prix was interrupted as Toad reported that Princess Peach’s estate had been hijacked by none other than the notorious repeat-offender, Bowser. The crisis has brought many Mushroom Kingdom issues to light. Continue reading [Satire] Bowser Hijacks Princess Peach’s Castle