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SteamWorld Quest Review

Full Steam Ahead

The SteamWorld series has never been one for complacency. What once started as a tower defense franchise, transformed into a procedurally generated platformer, metamorphosed again into an XCOM-lite adventure, and changed once more into a Metroidvania adventure. This time, SteamWorld Quest wonderfully reinvents the franchise into a turn-based roleplaying card game that’s as fun as it is endearing. Continue reading SteamWorld Quest Review

Five Indie Characters That Deserve Amiibo (And What They Can Do)

With the recent announcement of a Shovel Knight amiibo, it almost seems logical to think that this can be a stepping stone for many more indie companies to gain some wonderful publicity. If Yacht Club and Shovel Knight can create and distribute an amiibo, what other franchises can join the amiibo-verse? Here’s five characters that I think should get the amiibo-treatment:

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PlayStation Plus Titles for November 2014

PlayStation Plus once again gives us their offering for November 2014. These indie games will be available when the PlayStation Store updates on November 4th. As always, make sure to add October’s games into your library (which you can do now!) before that time.

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SteamWorld Dig Review

This review has been updated to reflect the Wii U release:

Digging for Indie Gold

I’m going to admit it right off the bat: I hate Dig Dug. While I’ve always latched on to arcade titles like PacmanGalaga, and Arkanoid, I was never able to get in to the tunneling sensation.

I have the opposite problem with Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig — after draining away 10 hours in a day, burning through my lunch, and missing four calls from my girlfriend, it is fair to say I can’t get away from the addictive gameplay.

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