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MONG Podcast 147 | The One About PSX 2016

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Jordan Loeffler as they mull and converse over the most topical of news. They touch on the stories of… well, pretty much everything that happened at PlayStation Experience 2016. They cover it all! Don’t forget the always hilarious, or relatively deep Reedus Feetus Quote of the Show! Welcome to the MONG podcast, enjoy!
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PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap

Today was the third annual PlayStation Experience. This two Day event shows what the PlayStation brand has in store for the next year. The first show was in 2014 with a complete reveal of the then-new PlayStation 4. This year, it was all about the games. It moved at a breakneck pace with very little presenters talking about the success of the system. They let the games speak for themselves. Continue reading PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap