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Siesta Fiesta Review


Sometimes people are only interested in the big video game characters: Mario, Link, Master Chief, Sora, etc. Smaller games and characters are sometimes overlooked by these first-party only players as well as the scores of shovel ware and iOS games flooding the industry. It’s easy to lose track of all these games and miss a diamond in the eShop world. Siesta Fiesta is one of those games that should not be missed. Continue reading Siesta Fiesta Review

Nintendo System and Games on Sale this week!

Several websites have announced this week some major price cuts on popular games and systems.


Below are the sale items for this week:

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Mario Kart TV Challenges Concept Announced

Today, Nintendo of America’s Twitter feed posted an interesting new concept to Mario Kart TV – Challenges for players. Mario Kart TV is a new addition to the wildly successful Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U system that allows players to upload videos of their gameplay. Furthermore, players can modify the video to fast-forward, rewind, or put in slow-motion and promptly upload to YouTube. Continue reading Mario Kart TV Challenges Concept Announced

Possible Pricing for Nintendo’s Amiibos

During Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event the company officially revealed their NFC program figures called Amiibos. These figures, modeled after famous Nintendo characters such as Mario, Samus, and Zelda, are projected to transfer data between themselves and the Nintendo systems. Even more intriguing is that they are able to function among various games, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, and Mario Party 10 are among games announced.

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