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Hitman GO Review


Hitman GO is an interesting game. While it has some of the mechanics that are most known for the franchise it doesn’t have any of the violence. Sure, you do “kill” targets, but it’s not in the graphic manner the series is known for. It’s more of taking pieces on and off of a board, much like a game of chess. Continue reading Hitman GO Review

Hitman Beta Impressions

Back in November I wrote about my experience with four Hitman games, so I have decided to continue that trend by writing about the beta for the newest game. Continue reading Hitman Beta Impressions

MONG Podcast 95 | Crazy Episode 95: Origins

There are a lot of crazy and zany things going on with Middle of Nowhere Gaming right now! The podcast is not exempt from the insanity. Join Myles, Adam and Jordan as they take a trip down the rabbit hole to discuss the two newest game delays to disappoint fans, Gamestop making a stand and Drew Karpyshyn making a return to BioWare! If you’ve ever wondered, you can even peer into the psyche of these three and find out what made them gamers and why they kept at it. Join us for the most charmingly wonky episode yet! Continue reading MONG Podcast 95 | Crazy Episode 95: Origins

Square Enix Reveals First Footage of Hitman as Agent 47 Heads to Paris

Square Enix has released the first gameplay footage for their upcoming title Hitman.  The extended playthrough titled ‘Showstoppper’ made its debut at PAX Prime and offers a look at many of the features present in the game.  Continue reading Square Enix Reveals First Footage of Hitman as Agent 47 Heads to Paris

MONG Reaction: Sony E3 Conference

More Than The Score Host Matt Batson sits down with fellow writers Esteban Cuevas, Jordan Loeffler, Patrick Garrity, and Shawn Richards to discuss the Sony Conference at E3. Is The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Shenmue 3 enough to get the guys hyped? Or will the lack of 2015 releases sour them on this year’s show? Continue reading MONG Reaction: Sony E3 Conference