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Power Up Your Mega Man Collection With Extreme-Sets’ Command Station Diorama



Yes, people collect toys. That has been true since the dawn of nerdom. Some collectors — myself included — even create scenes in which to display these toys. For this special breed of collector, Extreme-Sets has a sweet new line of pop-up backdrops. Shall we take a look at another one? Continue reading Power Up Your Mega Man Collection With Extreme-Sets’ Command Station Diorama

Geekend Update 06/10/16

Weekends are meant strictly for gaming and all things fun; at least that’s what we think. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend! Continue reading Geekend Update 06/10/16

Mortal Kombat X Review

I Kan’t Even…

Mortal Kombat X is something special. So special, in fact, that I decided to come out of retirement for one last review. If you told Ed Boon, creator and curator of all things Kombat related, that his franchise would be hitting new highs 23 years later he would have likely laughed in your face. We know this because he has said as much. When Mortal Kombat 9 (simply titled Mortal Kombat) released in 2011 the series was struggling. Mortal Kombat vs DC was a token titles borrowing the names of its betters, and Armageddon seemed a sadly fitting name for a series in its twilight. MK9 took things back to basics, revitalizing an entire genre in the process. Topping that potent combination of adrenaline, nostalgia, and excess must have seemed a Herculean task and yet somehow Ed Boon and his team at Netherrealm have outdone themselves. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X Review

Sneak Peek at Dec/Jan PS+ Titles

PlayStation 4 owners, Christmas is coming early! Sony unveiled what games that will be in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection (IGC) in December and January, although only for the PlayStation 4. Continue reading Sneak Peek at Dec/Jan PS+ Titles

Steam’s New “Free Weekend” Will Offer 10 Games

Valve is offering Ten games to play for free this weekend only on Steam. The digital, PC platform has been known to release a game or two for their “Free Weekend” events, but never this much. Continue reading Steam’s New “Free Weekend” Will Offer 10 Games