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Dead Cells Review

One More (Gut Wrenching) Run

Dead Cells is a beautifully crafted action-platformer with classic Metroidvania and modern rogue-lite elements. However, this mouthful of a description just cracks the surface of Motion Twin’s latest game. Continue reading Dead Cells Review

Shadow Complex Remastered review


Shadow Complex is a game whose reputation precedes itself. Heralded as one of the greatest releases on Xbox Live Arcade, it reinvigorated the 2D Platform Adventure genre, which now has a strong presence with titles like Guacamelee and Axiom Verge. It’s been six years since its initial release and a PC port entitled Shadow Complex Remastered is now available. Along with the typical improvements and options that come with the platform, this version also has additional gameplay elements and improved graphics thanks to a new engine. Being a fan of the genre but having never played the original, I jumped in with hopeful expectations, which were both exceeded and severely let down. Continue reading Shadow Complex Remastered review

Axiom Verge Hands On Preview

Axiom Verge is solely created by Tom Happ, a gaming industry veteran who has worked on a plethora of previous PC and console releases. He started Axiom Verge back in March of 2010, mostly working on it as a side project in his free time. He is solely responsible for the art direction, coding, game design, and music. All of this was important information to consider when I played the first segment of the game. Continue reading Axiom Verge Hands On Preview

Renegade Kid Announces New Game

Today, Renegade Kid announced a new game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop called Xeodrifter. In a series of Developer Diaries, the game’s designer and creator Jools Watsham will give you weekly updates into the creation of the new metroidvania game. Continue reading Renegade Kid Announces New Game