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MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Something that stands out here at Middle of Nowhere Gaming is our diverse staff. The diversity behind everyone’s tastes is what makes our content refreshing. Everyone has that one game. That ONE game that stands among the rest as their favorite. It’s interesting to see how every game on our favorite list is so different from one another. Here’s the list of some of our favorite games of all time. Continue reading MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Screamride Review


Frontier Developments appear very much at home when rollercoasters are at the forefront of their games. From the famous Rollercoaster Tycoon series, to the slightly less-known Thrillville, Frontier is now bringing their rollercoaster construction (and destruction) expertise to the new generation in the form of Screamride. But just how fun is the ride? Continue reading Screamride Review