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MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Something that stands out here at Middle of Nowhere Gaming is our diverse staff. The diversity behind everyone’s tastes is what makes our content refreshing. Everyone has that one game. That ONE game that stands among the rest as their favorite. It’s interesting to see how every game on our favorite list is so different from one another. Here’s the list of some of our favorite games of all time. Continue reading MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Retro-Grade: Kingdom Hearts 2

Applause must be given to Square Enix and Disney for taking a chance with the original Kingdom Hearts. Taking both the family friendly series of the Disney movies and combining these with some of the dark themes of Final Fantasy must have been a risk. Continue reading Retro-Grade: Kingdom Hearts 2

Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

Satoru Iwata was more than the President of Nintendo Company, more than a programmer, even more than a gamer. Satoru Iwata was a visionary that helped shape the gaming industry that we see today. If it wasn’t for his forethought, creativity, and dedication, many of us might not have the famous video game characters that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Middle of Nowhere Gaming wanted to commemorate Satoru Iwata by sharing some of our fondest Nintendo memories. Below are some of our memories: Continue reading Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

Should We Expect a New Nintendo Handheld in The Near Future?

It is the same old story that we have been hearing for months now. Nintendo is in a battle with the struggling sales of the Wii U, as the 3DS is unsurprisingly still having strong sales worldwide. Being one of the most popular handheld devices across the globe, it would be crazy to think Nintendo would be already thinking about a new device. However, Nintendo has never been one to stop innovating. It all comes down to a matter of time. So when should we expect the next big handheld device from the guys who do it best? Continue reading Should We Expect a New Nintendo Handheld in The Near Future?