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MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Something that stands out here at Middle of Nowhere Gaming is our diverse staff. The diversity behind everyone’s tastes is what makes our content refreshing. Everyone has that one game. That ONE game that stands among the rest as their favorite. It’s interesting to see how every game on our favorite list is so different from one another. Here’s the list of some of our favorite games of all time. Continue reading MONG Staff Favorite Games List

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review


Well, this game happened. The latest chapter in the long-running Persona 4 sub-sub-series is here, and it’s a rhythm game. It just so happens that Persona 4 and rhythm games are two of my favorite things ever, so this should be right up my alley, right? I thought so too. But after spending a lot of time on the portable dance floor, I’ve been left feeling more conflicted than I have been about any other game I’ve played in recent memory. It’s hard to express my true feelings about Persona 4: Dancing All Night, so a fellow writer here at MONG suggested I do it the way this game would want me to…

…through dance! Continue reading Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review

Danganronpa Another Story: Ultra Despair Girls Review

Sins of the Family

Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Danganronpa franchise.

Ever since last year’s release of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and its follow up Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (both remakes of previous PSP games), the Danganronpa franchise has gained a surprisingly large cult following in the US. Danganronpa’s mix of bizarre mind bending story, instantly memorable characters, unique gameplay, and style for days has been a breath of fresh air in today’s game scene, and one of the best cases for owning a PS Vita. In Danganronpa Another Story: Ultra Despair Girls developer Spike Chunsoft decided to go a completely different route, gone is high school life, gone is the whodunnit murder mysteries, gone is the courtroom drama, all of it replaced  by a new story, and a completely different type of game. The great question was, could they pull it off?

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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review

The Almost Great Unknown

The visual novel is a genre that has been coming into its own for sometime now. While much more prevalent in Japan, games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, and the recently popular Danganronpa have started to gather a growing fanbase for visual novel games in the US. With Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, Toybox Games enters the visual novel genre with an offering that begins with a lot of promise, but falls just short of creating an engaging experience.

Continue reading Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review

There Came an Echo Review


There Came an Echo is the second game by independent game developer Iridium Studios. A squad-based, voice-controlled real-time strategy game that’s heavy on the story, the title follows Corrin (voiced by Wil Wheaton) and a cast of characters that includes some from Iridium’s Sequence. After meeting the ambitious $90,000 goal on Kickstarter.com, There Came an Echo has finally found its release on Steam (PC), but where has that money gone?

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Digging Inside: Persona 5 Pre-TGS Trailer

Digging Inside is a new feature where we take the newest trailers and try to find any clues of hidden info for upcoming games. The first installment of Digging Inside will be for the recently announced Persona 5 Tokyo Game Show trailer that was released on Monday. Continue reading Digging Inside: Persona 5 Pre-TGS Trailer

The Future of the Vita

Speaking with IGN at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Andrew House (President of Sony Computer Entertainment of America) talked about the plans they have for the future of PlayStation Vita. He admitted that the future of the Vita remains unclear. Continue reading The Future of the Vita