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We Happy Few Review

Pop a Meh-lly

We all sometimes just need an escape from the despair of modern days. Some of us immerse ourselves in virtual reality, others cozy up in an adventurous novel, while some choose to explore an entirely new universe with the aid of a mind-bending elixir. We Happy Few explores the idea of a universal elixir, blinding society from its own destruction and eventual demise. Though the premise presents some engaging moments, most of it is marred by the satisfactory gameplay mechanics, and frustrating technical troubles.  Continue reading We Happy Few Review

We Happy Few gets new gameplay trailer to celebrate its Early Access launch.

Since its big splash at E3 2016, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has left many gamers esurient for more — especially more gameplay footage. Well, today Compulsion Games has answered those pleas with a new gameplay trailer that celebrates the game’s launch on Early Access. Continue reading We Happy Few gets new gameplay trailer to celebrate its Early Access launch.

E3 2016 Picks

If I have to be honest about this year’s E3, I would have to say this was pretty underwhelming. Over the past few years we’ve had amazing announcements coming from both Microsoft and Sony, but this year it felt lackluster. Continue reading E3 2016 Picks

We Happy Few: E3 2016’s Sleeper Hit

E3 was once again an overdose of intoxicating games: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Gears of War 4, Dishonored 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Prey, The Last Guardian, and many more provided a gush of excitement and a pre-ordering frenzy. Among these games was Compulsion Games’ roguelike first-person survival thriller We Happy Few — this year’s E3 sleeper hit. Continue reading We Happy Few: E3 2016’s Sleeper Hit

Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

For the past few years, Microsoft had very strong showings during E3. No more are the forced Kinect and the weird TV fixations. Now, it’s all about games, games, games. This year is no different. Unless said otherwise, all games that was shown during the conference is Xbox One/Windows 10 Exclusive. Continue reading Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?

Through rain, sleet, snow and hail, we’ll deliver the MONG Podcast to you every week. Unfortunately, we had to deal with technical issues, which is arguably the worst. Regardless, the cast had a time talking about The Taken King and the changes it will bring to Destiny, the massive influx of Gamescom news and so much more. Including the unfortunate situation over at Konami. Join us for the amazing times at the MONG Podcast! Continue reading MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?