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Superbeat Xonic Review


It’s been quite the year for rhythm games! The once-dormant genre is making a comeback in a big way, with new entries in the Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Project Diva, and even Persona series. Drawing on their past experience with the DJMAX series, the developers at Nurijoy are capping off the 2015 resurgence of rhythm games with Superbeat Xonic. But did they end the year on a high note? Continue reading Superbeat Xonic Review

Just Shapes & Beats Preview

While checking out indie games at Atlanta, Georgia’s Momocon, one game was absolutely hard to miss. That game was Berzerk Studios’ Just Shapes & Beats. After playing an early build of the game, I can already tell Just Shapes & Beats can crescendo into something special when it launches this winter. Continue reading Just Shapes & Beats Preview

Guitar Hero Live Setlist Expanded

Activision again expanded its setlist for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live as they revealed an additional 10 tracks on Tuesday.

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New Guitar Hero Reveals A New Batch Of Songs

The next batch of songs that will appear in Guitar Hero Live, the newest main Guitar Hero game in five years, has arrived courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine. The new list is a mixture of old and new bands, including Green Day, System of a Down, Pantera, and Skrillex. The tracks are: Continue reading New Guitar Hero Reveals A New Batch Of Songs

Harmonix Wants Your Opinion in Rock Band Survey

In a flurry of unforeseen activity, Harmonix followed up the announcement of its first Rock Band DLC in nearly two years by posting a consumer survey regarding a new entry in the Rock Band series.

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