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Adventures Of Pip Review

Pip Pip Hooray!

Adventures of Pip is a 2D platforming title filled with action, adventure, and a delightful gameplay twist. The combination of its novel ideas and great platforming mechanics from games like Castlevania, Guacamelee, and Ninja Gaiden, makes Tic Toc Games’ first console project an outstanding start for the developer.

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Kick & Fennick Review (Vita)


It’s hard to see Kick & Fennick as a handheld game. While the PlayStation Vita is no stranger to small, independent games, everything about Jaywalkers Interactive screams App Store. From the moment the game boots up down to the very gameplay mechanics, the sleek platforming title lifts design and concepts from modern mobile titles. However, not all mobile games are made equal: does Kick & Fennick deserve to stay in your pocket? Continue reading Kick & Fennick Review (Vita)