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Nintendo NX delayed for VR – report

According to a new report from Digitimes, Nintendo has delayed the mass production of its upcoming consoles, codenamed the NX, to add VR support.  Continue reading Nintendo NX delayed for VR – report

MONG Podcast 90 | Isn’t It About Time for a Teen Rated Halo?

It’s Episode 90 of the MONG Podcast, ya’ll! Join the crew as we talk about the most topical of topics and join the conversation below! Do you think Halo 5 should be rated Teen? Do you think it’s about time that this happened? Who’s excited for the Smach Zero? Does Smach Zero sound like an off brand shaving razor? There are so many more questions to be asked! We’re packing Scalebound, Hearthstone, Battlefront and even some Battletoads! Join us!

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Fantasy Life Review


If I can only take away one thing from Fantasy Life, it is that I was reminded just how bad my ADHD is while playing.  Level-5 did a fantastic job filling the world of Reveria with hundreds of side quests that will keep you busy, and in my case, sidetracked me from continuing the main quest for many hours at a time.  However, a large amount of content is not good enough to make a game great, and luckily Level-5 knows that.   Continue reading Fantasy Life Review

Updated Versions of 3DS To Be Released In Japan

To the surprise of many, Nintendo has announced that new versions of the 3DS will be coming to Japan later this year. However, a specific date for release in the United States and Europe has yet to be announced. Continue reading Updated Versions of 3DS To Be Released In Japan

Should We Expect a New Nintendo Handheld in The Near Future?

It is the same old story that we have been hearing for months now. Nintendo is in a battle with the struggling sales of the Wii U, as the 3DS is unsurprisingly still having strong sales worldwide. Being one of the most popular handheld devices across the globe, it would be crazy to think Nintendo would be already thinking about a new device. However, Nintendo has never been one to stop innovating. It all comes down to a matter of time. So when should we expect the next big handheld device from the guys who do it best? Continue reading Should We Expect a New Nintendo Handheld in The Near Future?