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Grand Kingdom Review


After getting a taste of Grand Kingdom with the Beta in April and May, I was excited to finally try out the full-fledged game. The intriguing battle mechanics and customization seemed to be the highlight of the Beta, with the loose storyline as its hinderance. Did Grand Kingdom offer a grand adventure or grand disaster?

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MONG Podcast 108 | The Legendary Debate: Lara v Nate

Welcome to episode 108 of the MONG Podcast! The crew genuinely hopes you’ve come here for fun, because that’s what you’re gonna get. This episode contained the most talk of Gone Home and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture ever in any podcast not specifically about either of those games. We’re secretly trying to win the #1 Conversational Gone Home/Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture combo cast award. All jokes aside, the crew did cover stories such as the massive deluge of new Division info, Phantom Dust’s (hopeful) revival, the coming of the Danganronpas to the Steam store and Journey interactive LIVE. The Thought from Nowhere this week was the most heated yet with the crew debating who’s better, Lara Croft, or Nathan Drake. Fun fact, Nate and Debate rhyme! Come have a fun time! Watch the podcast… thine! Thanks to Tabata Silver for the Thought Out of Nowhere! Continue reading MONG Podcast 108 | The Legendary Debate: Lara v Nate

Danganronpa Another Story: Ultra Despair Girls Review

Sins of the Family

Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Danganronpa franchise.

Ever since last year’s release of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and its follow up Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (both remakes of previous PSP games), the Danganronpa franchise has gained a surprisingly large cult following in the US. Danganronpa’s mix of bizarre mind bending story, instantly memorable characters, unique gameplay, and style for days has been a breath of fresh air in today’s game scene, and one of the best cases for owning a PS Vita. In Danganronpa Another Story: Ultra Despair Girls developer Spike Chunsoft decided to go a completely different route, gone is high school life, gone is the whodunnit murder mysteries, gone is the courtroom drama, all of it replaced  by a new story, and a completely different type of game. The great question was, could they pull it off?

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review (Vita)

For some time now, I’ve expected the emergence of the “Persona-like”, a new subgenre of RPGs that combine dungeon-crawling combat with social/dating sim elements. The concept was codified in 2006 by Persona 3, and it just works so well that I’m surprised it took this long for other games to be inspired by it. Spike Chunsoft’s Conception series is, to my knowledge, the first attempt at creating another franchise inspired by the Persona formula. Now that Conception II has been released outside of Japan, us Westerners get to see how this experiment went. Continue reading Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review (Vita)