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Geekend Update 01/27/2017

As the start of 2017 is in full swing, the old January lull is a thing of the past. Check out what some of the Middle of Nowhere Gaming crew is up to this weekend: Continue reading Geekend Update 01/27/2017

Fall’s gaming dominance is over

The fall has always been the busiest part of the gaming year. The end of September sees the beginning of a yearly onslaught of games that puts constraints on every wallet and day planner in the industry. For the players, the fall was the beginning of the arduous wait until our Holiday wishes were made reality. Black Friday was the date that put a hard cap on the season and virtually guaranteed increased success for an individual game or publisher.

And it is in the process of losing its relevance.
Continue reading Fall’s gaming dominance is over

Top Ten Games of the Year So Far

We are officially finished with the first half of 2016, and what a good first half it was. From taking in the view of a vast Wyoming wilderness from atop a fire tower, to successfully bunting with David Ortiz, 2016 has been packed full of great games.  Continue reading Top Ten Games of the Year So Far

Ubisoft 2016 E3 Press Conference news roundup

Miss Ubisoft’s 2016 E3 press conference? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s every announcement, reveal, and game showcased all in one convenient place. Continue reading Ubisoft 2016 E3 Press Conference news roundup

Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

For the past few years, Microsoft had very strong showings during E3. No more are the forced Kinect and the weird TV fixations. Now, it’s all about games, games, games. This year is no different. Unless said otherwise, all games that was shown during the conference is Xbox One/Windows 10 Exclusive. Continue reading Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

MONG Podcast 109 | What Video Game World Would YOU Live In?

There is a lot of big The Division news this week folks! That’s not all there is, but there is a good chunk. From Beta access and how to get into it for free, to the details on the Season Pass, if you’re excited for The Division then you’re gonna be excited to hear what the crew has to say this week. On top of that, some very pioneering modders are bringing multiplayer to Fallout: New Vegas, the University of Southern California is going to start publishing games and last but not least… Mighty No. 9 got delayed… again. Continue reading MONG Podcast 109 | What Video Game World Would YOU Live In?