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E3 2016 Picks

If I have to be honest about this year’s E3, I would have to say this was pretty underwhelming. Over the past few years we’ve had amazing announcements coming from both Microsoft and Sony, but this year it felt lackluster. Continue reading E3 2016 Picks

MONG Podcast 127 | They See Me Ridin’ Dirty

This week was hilarious. Watch as the crew absolutely breaks down while Myles reads through an interview that IGN had with Kojima about his upcoming title, Death Stranding, and it just devolves in the best way from there. They cover the topic of what gaming vehicle you would love to have in real life and some people have loose definitions of what a vehicle is. Little ghost baby piloting a nude Norman Reedus, anyone? Jordan, apparently, Jordan said that. Join us for the laughs on the MONG podcast! Continue reading MONG Podcast 127 | They See Me Ridin’ Dirty

Video games might be the future of South Park

South Park creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone have teased that video games might be the main platform for the long-running TV show in the future. Continue reading Video games might be the future of South Park

We Happy Few: E3 2016’s Sleeper Hit

E3 was once again an overdose of intoxicating games: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Gears of War 4, Dishonored 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Prey, The Last Guardian, and many more provided a gush of excitement and a pre-ordering frenzy. Among these games was Compulsion Games’ roguelike first-person survival thriller We Happy Few — this year’s E3 sleeper hit. Continue reading We Happy Few: E3 2016’s Sleeper Hit

MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening

Spoilers: This is the one about E3. The crew goes over the vast majority of E3 news revealed during the conferences and talk about the hits and misses of each one (except for PC because that was hard to find (and no one watched it because we didn’t know there’d be games involved)) and give our opinions on the conferences over all. This one’s definitely great, folks. Continue reading MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening