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MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening

Spoilers: This is the one about E3. The crew goes over the vast majority of E3 news revealed during the conferences and talk about the hits and misses of each one (except for PC because that was hard to find (and no one watched it because we didn’t know there’d be games involved)) and give our opinions on the conferences over all. This one’s definitely great, folks. Continue reading MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening

Bethesda’s E3 Conference Recap

After last year’s amazing E3 conference, Bethesda was hoping to do it again, and for the most part, they succeeded. They showed off all the new games that had previously been announced and even a few surprises and one game that didn’t even get leaked. Bethesda was certainly better than EA’s weak conference. Continue reading Bethesda’s E3 Conference Recap

MONG Podcast 124 | Reshaping the Future

This week’s MONG podcast was a little different. We were joined by Chris “The Corn Man” Cobb due to Jordan’s mysterious absence. Don’t you worry though, the podcast was still full of fun and information as it always is. We covered the end of Geralt’s tale in The Witcher series, the unknown Xbox One VR game and the possibility of Prey 2 being resurrected (yes, please)! Of course there were three other stories mentioned you’ll have to listen or watch to find out about. Continue reading MONG Podcast 124 | Reshaping the Future

MONG Podcast 112 | Should Duration Determine Price?

Have you ever picked up a game and been finished with it 3 hours? Well the MONG Podcast crew have too and that was the Thought from Nowhere this week… kinda. They went in on the question of if a game’s duration and features should determine its cost. The answers may shock you, or seem absolutely reasonable because Myles, Adam and Jordan are quite reasonable human beings. Regardless, they did cover some actual news as well. Kojima made a return to the podcast with Norman Reedus’ possible tease of a collaboration to come, Watch_Dogs 2 has been confirmed to little fanfare, Quantum Break had a bevy of news this week and Dark Souls III is getting pre-order incentives while the enemies of Dark Souls I are being made to look silly. On top of that, Bethesda has confirmed, priced, and divulged information on the Fallout 4 DLC and last, but most certainly not least, is that PlayStation VR will be on the market this Fall! If you’re not excited, you. Should. Be. Continue reading MONG Podcast 112 | Should Duration Determine Price?

MONG Podcast 110 | Which Series Have Run Their Course?

All of them! Just kidding, only Call of Duty. Anyway, how ya doing viewers, listeners and fans? Welcome to the description of the 110th episode of MONG Podcast! This week the crew is back and in their Tuesday best with a fresh episode covering Marvel Heroes 2016, the furthering decline of the Vita, Lego: The Force Awakens (the least surprising game announcement since a certain R&B artist refused rehab), Campo Santos’ Firewatch release information, Bethesda doing their own thing and last but not least… alcohol and strippers! MONG Podcast, now the #1 adults only video game podcast! Not really. Continue reading MONG Podcast 110 | Which Series Have Run Their Course?


Well, boys and girls, that blessed time is upon us: holiday season, when the year’s biggest and most-anticipated video games finally hit us one-after-another until our wallets cry out for mercy. Many of us will excitedly buy these for ourselves, for a friend or possibly receive them as gifts in turn. No matter the method, one thing is certain: we’re all united in our excitement for a particular game.