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Scalebound Director Apologizes for Cancellation

Since the game’s cancellation was announced, Scalebound’s director has been unusually quiet on Twitter. Recently, he broke the silence to speak to fans.

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MONG Podcast 150 | Podcast of the Year 2016

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Jordan Loeffler as they run over the Middle of Nowhere Gaming staff’s top picks for Games of the Year! From Overwatch to Firewatch, they’re gonna touch on all the polarizing and well (or not-so-well) received games that hit our PCs and consoles this year! Join them, find out what their top picks were, and tell them what your favorites were! 2016 was a year to remember! Continue reading MONG Podcast 150 | Podcast of the Year 2016

Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

For the past few years, Microsoft had very strong showings during E3. No more are the forced Kinect and the weird TV fixations. Now, it’s all about games, games, games. This year is no different. Unless said otherwise, all games that was shown during the conference is Xbox One/Windows 10 Exclusive. Continue reading Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

MONG Podcast 90 | Isn’t It About Time for a Teen Rated Halo?

It’s Episode 90 of the MONG Podcast, ya’ll! Join the crew as we talk about the most topical of topics and join the conversation below! Do you think Halo 5 should be rated Teen? Do you think it’s about time that this happened? Who’s excited for the Smach Zero? Does Smach Zero sound like an off brand shaving razor? There are so many more questions to be asked! We’re packing Scalebound, Hearthstone, Battlefront and even some Battletoads! Join us!

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MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?

Through rain, sleet, snow and hail, we’ll deliver the MONG Podcast to you every week. Unfortunately, we had to deal with technical issues, which is arguably the worst. Regardless, the cast had a time talking about The Taken King and the changes it will bring to Destiny, the massive influx of Gamescom news and so much more. Including the unfortunate situation over at Konami. Join us for the amazing times at the MONG Podcast! Continue reading MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?