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The Spoiler-Addict’s guide to the Nintendo Switch presentation

As we finally approach the end of the dark, twisted and maleficent tunnel that has been the Wii U era, the topic on everyone’s minds is the Nintendo Switch. While our mouths froth in advance of tomorrow’s livestream and following press events, it is only natural to scour the internet for any nugget of information to slowly peel back the veil of secrecy.

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Fall’s gaming dominance is over

The fall has always been the busiest part of the gaming year. The end of September sees the beginning of a yearly onslaught of games that puts constraints on every wallet and day planner in the industry. For the players, the fall was the beginning of the arduous wait until our Holiday wishes were made reality. Black Friday was the date that put a hard cap on the season and virtually guaranteed increased success for an individual game or publisher.

And it is in the process of losing its relevance.
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Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2


Horror Month is here! While you may not gleam this little factoid by browsing my author tag, I love horror games. As the dark, chilly month of October rolls around every year, I find myself increasingly eager to play through titles filled with cheap scares, thought-provoking puzzles, and downright terrifying atmosphere. I’m sick like that. Thus, join me for another review — if you dare! Continue reading Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2

Five forgotten series that need to come back

Continuously bombarded with trailers, announcements, and betas, the gaming community is naturally always looking forward. And unless an older game is considered “classic” or “retro” it often ends up in a $2 bin in some yard sale — forgotten to the times. This list is for those games.  Continue reading Five forgotten series that need to come back

My Experience at Shuffle VIII

The scores of televisions, boisterous roar of the crowd, and the simple joy playing video games with random people. These are just a few of the superb factors that made the experience at Shuffle VIII something to remember.  Continue reading My Experience at Shuffle VIII



With the survival horror genre achieving a resurgence in recent years, it seems fitting that one of the most iconic franchises from its early days is reliving past glories as well. As Capcom aims to return the Resident Evil (RE) series to its frightful roots, they have begun to re-release past successes while awaiting the inevitable seventh entry in the series. Combining the freshly-polished remake of the original RE, now dubbed Resident Evil HD (REHD), with a beautifully remastered edition of Resident Evil 0, Capcom has provided the perfect survival horror starter kit for gamers. Continue reading RESIDENT EVIL: ORIGINS COLLECTION REVIEW

Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite video games ever. I remember getting my Nintendo 64 a few months after the system was first released and it was my first game. I loved Mario games before that, especially Super Mario World, but Mario 64 blew my mind. The freedom from running around in three dimensions, all the moves Mario could do, the clear blue water. Holy crap, the water looked good! I remember that feeling so well. The joy from a brand new Mario game. Whenever a new Mario game was coming out, it meant something new and innovative was coming. Something that would push the industry into new territory. Whether it was analog control, multiple playable characters with different abilities, or a non-linear world, Mario furthered the industry through design. So it makes me sad that Super Mario 64 was the last time I was truly blown away by a Mario game. Continue reading Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

Satoru Iwata was more than the President of Nintendo Company, more than a programmer, even more than a gamer. Satoru Iwata was a visionary that helped shape the gaming industry that we see today. If it wasn’t for his forethought, creativity, and dedication, many of us might not have the famous video game characters that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Middle of Nowhere Gaming wanted to commemorate Satoru Iwata by sharing some of our fondest Nintendo memories. Below are some of our memories: Continue reading Iwata’s Legacy: MONG’s Favorite Nintendo Memories

Resident Evil Zero HD Revealed

Capcom has announced Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster will release on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in early 2016. Continue reading Resident Evil Zero HD Revealed