Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 10)

In the first double-digit chapter of the series “Video Games I’m Thankful For,” I send us back to the original Nintendo DS, to the first game I ever received for it. Although it may not have been the most popular game in existence, it was certainly a favorite of mine: 


The simplicity of the gameplay (falling blocks and you need to pair them up to send them upwards) paired with the music and visual effects just kept me in a state of awe with my new dual-screened handheld device. This was the game that showed me that having two screens was the future of gaming, and so far, it continues to be so.

Meteos was also one of those games that I bought because I wanted it and not because everyone else was purchasing it and I fell into it (like many games today). It was my decision and I was more than content with it.

What games are you thankful for? What games have a special spot in your heart?

Come back tomorrow for the next game of the series!

For previous parts of the series, see below:

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