Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 5)

In the fifth installment of “Video Games I’m Thankful For”, we delve into a game that was released both on the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. This game received critical acclaim by numerous reviewers, and gave me a new appreciation for the game’s series. Let’s see what it is:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This game was visually stunning. I remember getting my copy of Nintendo Power, where a large poster and scores of images were featured from the game. From that moment, I knew this would be the game that continued my fascination with the Legend of Zelda series.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I didn’t quite like the series the first time I saw it. It seemed way too in-depth and unfocused, and that just seemed like a hassle to my younger self. If only I could slap my younger self…

Regardless of what I previously thought, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess brought the series back into the limelight for me. The darker, more intense feel of the game kept me in a state of awe. Couple that with the depth and meaningful storyline, multi-world concept, and slew of wonderful characters, it’s very hard not to appreciate the game and all that it has to offer.

With this game, I went back to play all the great Legend of Zelda games, which I am very happy I did.

What games are you thankful for? What games have a special spot in your heart?

Come back tomorrow for the next game of the series!

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18 thoughts on “Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 5)”

  1. The introduction of a truly tremendous secondary character known as Midna is enough for me to argue for the existence of Twilight Princess, that and all the cool moves you can learn. That sense of progress not only as an adventurer but also as a swordsman is something Zelda needs to move forward for me.


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