Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 11)

“The “Video Games I’m Thankful For” series is in full swing now that we’re almost halfway into the month.” This game is yet another sequel and comes from the Nintendo DS. Though some might not consider it a “game” per se, I think it’s a game that offers unique challenges while almost training your brain:

Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day

So as the first paragraph mentions, many people did argue that this isn’t a game, but rather a series of activities to “train” your brain. Though these people have some standing, I always think, “Of course it’s a game! It’s fun isn’t it?”

Whichever way your opinion swings on the topic, Brain Age 2 is an engaging piece of machinery. The on-your-toes thinking and whimsical activities will absolutely keep you entertained. You might not be playing for hours at a time, but you’ll certainly play for a few minutes each day for a very long time, at least I was.

What games are you thankful for? What games have a special spot in your heart?

Come back tomorrow for the next game of the series!

For previous parts of the series, see below:

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