Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 15)

In the halfway mark of “Video Games I’m Thankful For” series, we take our first look at a PC game. I’m not an avid PC gamer, nor do I have the capability to be one (because of the specs of my computers). Luckily, my computer was able to handle this game and offer hours upon hours of addicting gameplay. Let’s see what I’m talking about: 

Diablo II

Not only was this the first “actual” PC game I owned, it was also the first graphic game as well. I would play the game and my parents would hear the moans and bellows of agony from the creatures I destroyed and they’d cautiously walk into the room. They then asked, “So, uh, you’re a zombie who has to kill and murder everything?”. My response, “Well… yea.” Their response, “Oh.”

Aside from that awkward moment with my parents, Diablo II also introduced me into a world where you can play with fellow gamers and have absolutely no idea who they are. Though that freaked me out for about five minutes, it became more and more natural to me as part of the gameplay. The fun continued with the expansions, as well as the diversity of the players – it had me going for days at a time just like I’m sure it did for many of you as well.

What games are you thankful for? What games have a special spot in your heart?

Come back tomorrow for the next game of the series!

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