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MONG Podcast 123 | Easy As ABC

This week was full of interesting news! Then again, it’s never not interesting when it comes to the MONG Podcast crew! Double negatives! The crew covered the possible Rise of Iron Destiny DLC leak, Pokemon Apex, a custom Pokemon game for the adult fan… get your mind out of the gutter. Last but not least, because there were three more stories covered, was the Nioh beta which recently ended on the PS4 and how developers Team Ninja are changing the game for the better based on feedback! Continue reading MONG Podcast 123 | Easy As ABC

MONG Podcast 111 | Diamonds in the Rough

Everyone should be happy I’m devoted to making this look good or I would have just typed “Gone to Play Firewatch” here and left to do just that. HOWEVER! I’m in it to win it and so is everyone else on this week’s episode of the MONG Podcast! The crew goes through and covers topics from the week including the return of the Overwatch beta, the reveal of The Culling, Metal Gear Solid V’s upcoming DLC, Firewatch photos, David Gaider taking the throne and what happens when you smash two portals together while inside of them in Portal… personally, I think the computer should have crashed hard and never turned back on. Continue reading MONG Podcast 111 | Diamonds in the Rough


We all have that one game that we were beyond excited for, only to find out it was canceled. Perhaps it was never even announced, quietly snuffed out to be discovered later. This can happen for many reasons, from the sudden closure of its development studio, to the unexpected decision to go in a different direction. These games were doomed to never see release, but that doesn’t mean the concepts were bad. Today I’m going to talk about one such game, known to fans as Resident Evil 1.5, which never saw the light of day. Continue reading DIGITALLY DOOMED: RESIDENT EVIL 1.5

MONG Episode 104 | The Adam Rants: Volume One: The Problem with Linkle

Myles is kinda sick and tired, literally not figuratively, so this is going to be a bit called in. Join the crew while they cover the topics of the (hopefully) last shot fired between Kojima and Konami, Danganronpa 3, Gone Home making the trek to consoles, the problem with Linkle and so much more! Join us, Myles swears it’s a great podcast and he’s great, when his life force isn’t being drained by sickness, so take his word for it and check us out! Whew! Continue reading MONG Episode 104 | The Adam Rants: Volume One: The Problem with Linkle

MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain

Can you handle the epic-ocity that is… the episode after the 100th? The MONG Podcast crew, you love ‘em, Adam, Jordan and Myles, are at it again with episode 101. They hit the big stories this week, such as the major departure in gameplay that Five Nights at Freddie’s next horrifying(?) adventure will take, the continuing Kojima-Konami battle for who gets the last word… even though it’s just Konami yelling and if they’re gonna get their hands on the sweetest release come November 10th… that SWEET sweet Jones Nuka-Cola. They also reminisce on which games they loved but were shunned by the gaming community, or were over-looked due to the titan-esque stature of other releases that year. You know it’ll be a barrel of fun, just like always! Continue reading MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain

MONG Podcast 93 | Is It Right to Add Kojima’s Name Back to MGSV Covers?

Travel with with Myles, Adam and Jordan through the ups and downs of episode 93 of the MONG Podcast! Today the cast covered everything from (good guy) Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi putting Kojima’s name back onto Metal Gear Solid V to the free titles of the month for Xbox and PlayStation users as well as the Borderlands movie… and even a chunk of time was spent discussing the merits of the Spiderman 3 movie. Was it as bad as everyone thought? One gent didn’t think so. Join the crew for the laughs and tears in another amazing episode! Continue reading MONG Podcast 93 | Is It Right to Add Kojima’s Name Back to MGSV Covers?

MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?

Through rain, sleet, snow and hail, we’ll deliver the MONG Podcast to you every week. Unfortunately, we had to deal with technical issues, which is arguably the worst. Regardless, the cast had a time talking about The Taken King and the changes it will bring to Destiny, the massive influx of Gamescom news and so much more. Including the unfortunate situation over at Konami. Join us for the amazing times at the MONG Podcast! Continue reading MONG Podcast 89 | Is it Konami’s Destiny to Close Down?

MONG Podcast 86 – The Return of the Podcast!

You read that right! The podcast has RETURNED! This is Podcast 86 and this is the new team, Adam Leonard, Jordan Loeffler and Myles K Farrington. Today we talked about some of the recent news that’s been on our minds. From the solemn news of Satoru Iwata’s passing to the fiasco going on with Konami. Even Shenmue III conversation slips in with a bit of Mass Effect series talk in the end. Come join us for the beginning of a new age!


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