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Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite video games ever. I remember getting my Nintendo 64 a few months after the system was first released and it was my first game. I loved Mario games before that, especially Super Mario World, but Mario 64 blew my mind. The freedom from running around in three dimensions, all the moves Mario could do, the clear blue water. Holy crap, the water looked good! I remember that feeling so well. The joy from a brand new Mario game. Whenever a new Mario game was coming out, it meant something new and innovative was coming. Something that would push the industry into new territory. Whether it was analog control, multiple playable characters with different abilities, or a non-linear world, Mario furthered the industry through design. So it makes me sad that Super Mario 64 was the last time I was truly blown away by a Mario game. Continue reading Mario Doesn’t Try Anymore

Shovel Knight Headed to PlayStation Platforms in 2015

Indie Developer Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight is headed to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in 2015. Continue reading Shovel Knight Headed to PlayStation Platforms in 2015

The Endless Debate: Sonic Vs Mario

The Endless Debate series continues! This week, Harry and Mike tackle the question as old as video games: Who’s better, Sonic or Mario? For this debate, Mike is on the side of the blue hedgehog, Sonic, and Harry teams up with the plumber, Mario. Who will win this heated debate? Let’s see their arguments:

Continue reading The Endless Debate: Sonic Vs Mario

Super Smash Bros. Sale, Kinda

Today, Nintendo announced that they will feature a major Super Smash Bros. sale. However, this sale isn’t exactly as it sounds.

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