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Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Detailed

Electronic Arts has announced a season pass for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Detailed

MONG Podcast 91 | Wouldn’t You Play a Single Player Mode in Star Wars Battlefront?

The live recording of Episode 91 has come and gone, but we’ll always have the memories. There’s been more Star Wars Battlefront news detailing the newest (and biggest) mode in the game as well as Peter Moore claiming that gamers don’t play single-player modes in games like it anymore. What’s that about? The cast also covered the new details pertaining to Mass Effect: Andromeda, the possible power play of the Uncharted 4 (rumored) release date and so much more! Don’t get your Marvel into my Kingdom Hearts! Continue reading MONG Podcast 91 | Wouldn’t You Play a Single Player Mode in Star Wars Battlefront?

MONG Podcast 90 | Isn’t It About Time for a Teen Rated Halo?

It’s Episode 90 of the MONG Podcast, ya’ll! Join the crew as we talk about the most topical of topics and join the conversation below! Do you think Halo 5 should be rated Teen? Do you think it’s about time that this happened? Who’s excited for the Smach Zero? Does Smach Zero sound like an off brand shaving razor? There are so many more questions to be asked! We’re packing Scalebound, Hearthstone, Battlefront and even some Battletoads! Join us!

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Or watch the video version below!

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PlayStation Experience Confirmed Panels

A few weeks ago, Sony announced the PlayStation Experience event will be happening in Las Vegas. Last Friday, Sony has announced that there will be 20 panels detailing aspects of game design and what goes into making a game. Continue reading PlayStation Experience Confirmed Panels